Information folder

We would like to give you some more information. Below is our digital information folder.

We have done our best to make this list as complete as possible. Please let us know if there is anything missing or incorrect. If you still have questions after reading, please feel free to contact the reception staff.

The team of Hotel de Schelde wishes you a pleasant stay!

Hotel de Schelde (Reception) 0031 117 39 17 20

You can also reach us via Whatsapp on this number.

Some useful telephone numbers if you need help:

Emergency: 112

Police: 0900-8844

Hospital Knokke (B): +32 50 535 000

General practitioners post:

Website family doctors post Cadzand

Are you on holiday in the West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen area and do you need medical care? Then you need to make use of the digital healthcare service Medicoo. To help you as best as possible, you must download the app and ask your health question directly via live chat. You cannot make an appointment directly with a GP practice in West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. This is how we keep healthcare accessible for everyone.

The Medicoo app provides quick and easy personal advice from a team of nurses and GPs who work together with the local GP practices in West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. If necessary, they will refer you to one of these practices. Medicoo is offered in collaboration with all health insurers. The care is reimbursed and you do not have to incur any costs or submit claims.

Download the Medicoo app, register and you can immediately ask your question. From Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and at weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Telephone number: 0115 64 30 00 evenings and weekends

Our apartments can also use our digital information folder. However, there are specific things that are sometimes different than in our hotel. This information can be found here.

Keys: You have received 2 keys through the hotel that give access to the main entrance of the apartment complex, the storage room and the apartment. These keys must be returned to the hotel. In addition, there is also a separate key to open the patio door. Please leave this key in the door and do not return it at check-out.
Furthermore, you have also been given a ‘tag’ that acts as a key. This tag can be used at the barrier of the parking garage, the elevator of the hotel and to enter the wellness.

Equipment: The apartment is equipped with all the comforts one could wish for. For most devices, operating instructions are provided, these are located in the TV cabinet. Please read the instructions before using the device. That prevents a lot of misunderstandings.

Wifi: The name of the WiFi network is your apartment number, for example: ‘Apartment 101’. The code of the WIFI network is residencyedeschelde

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside the apartment. When using the balcony to smoke, please use the ashtray to keep Cadzand and the surrounding area neat and clean.

Wellness: Use can be made of the swimming pool and sauna which are located in the hotel. There are changing rooms there and you can also use your bathrobe for this. The wellness is open from 9am to 9pm. You must bring your own towels and it is mandatory to wear swimwear.

Dishwasher: The dishwasher can be used to use the available dishwasher tablets that are ready on arrival. On departure, please put your crockery in the dishwasher and turn it on.

Parking: To get to the parking, follow the path to the right of the hotel, you can open the barrier with the tag. Down, turn right and park in parking lot: P… . The elevator to your apartment can be found behind the green/red wall, depending on your apartment.

Please note that only 1 car per apartment may be in the parking lot

Bicycles: You can store the bicycles in the garage box / You can store the bicycles in the storage room of your apartment.

Restaurant. If you are going to enjoy the restaurant, it is possible to book the bill on your apartment. In this case, you will need to provide your apartment number and the house number, for example 99-101, at checkout. Always name that this is an apartment.

Home automation. In the apartment you will find a small tablet on the wall, it can be used for the temperature and lighting. The top two buttons are for controlling the temperature, left is warmer and right is colder. If you press the button on the right, all lights will turn off and use the other buttons to control the lights individually.

Waste: Garbage bags can be deposited in the garbage containers at the rear of the complex. This is in the street behind the hotel: ‘De Blommaart’ You can reach it through the double black door at the back of the parking garage.

Streaming: The apartments have a Smart TV, you can also use one of the apps available here (Amazon, Netflix, NPO, etc) to watch TV that way. However, don’t forget to log out before departure.

Smoke detector: Here you will find more information about the smoke detectors in your apartment.

Terms and conditions: All our services are subject to our Hotel de Schelde terms and conditions.

If you wish, you can have a baby bed delivered to your room. The cot includes linen (blanket). There is no mattress in it, but a standard soft bottom. The costs for the cot are € 10.00 per night.

You can use the bathrobes in your room for free. If you wish to take it with you. You can also purchase them in the lobby. We charge an amount of €50 for this.

We are happy to help you with your luggage if required. We have a luggage room if you wish to store your luggage temporarily. Ask us at reception.

In order to keep your view of the beach, sea, marina or Cadzand-Bad unobstructed, we kindly request you not to use the balcony railing for hanging up personal items and towels.

Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 10:30. You can also take your breakfast in the lobby if you wish.

For our guests in the apartments there is no breakfast included as standard. You can reserve this for a fee if you wish.

Hotel de Schelde has its own free underground car park. You can park your car here during your stay at your own risk. You can park your car temporarily in the check-in car park. After receiving the key card of your room, you can park your car in the parking garage on the designated spaces.

For our guests in the apartments we have a parking space with a number.

Although we admire the romantic in you, it is not allowed to burn candles or tea lights in the room. Each room has its own fire alarm, if it detects fire or smoke we have to evacuate the entire building!

Check-in is from 15.00 onwards. You can park your car temporarily in the check-in car park. After receiving the key card for your room, you can park your car in the car park in the designated spaces.

For our guests in the apartments we have a parking space with a number.

Check-out is before 11.00 hrs. Before your departure you will receive an invitation via e-mail to arrange your check-out. You can then already pay if you wish, so that you can finish faster at the check-out! You can always leave your key card behind after exiting the parking garage, after the barrier.

For our guests in the apartments we ask to hand in your key at the reception.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services. These can be found on our website.

If you want to take your holiday a step further, hire a bicycle near the hotel to explore the cycle paths along the coast of ‘Zeeuws-Vlaanderen’, from Neptunus Tweewielers. We recommend doing this in advance via the following link: or call: 0117 39 22 20.

Use our discount code for a nice discount on your reservation at Neptunus: Schelde@2024

We also have a bicycle shed to store or charge your bicycle for the night.

For our guests in the apartments we have a storage room in the parking basement.

It is not allowed to take property of Hotel de Schelde with you. You are also responsible for any damage caused to the room during your stay. The costs for replacing missing or damaged items will be charged to you afterwards. Moreover, in case of theft and/or destruction we will report this to the police. You are responsible for any damage to your own property. For more information, please refer to our general terms and conditions.

Your pet is welcome in your hotel room for an additional charge. Only in consultation and maximum 1 pet per room. We do not provide care for your pet. When travelling in the hotel; please keep your dog on a leash.

For our guests in the apartments, dogs are allowed in some apartments. Ask our reception for more information.

For your safety and for reasons of hygiene, we do not have kettles in the rooms.

In case of fire, leave the building and go to the assembly point.
For fire safety, no candles or tea lights may be lit in the room.

In an emergency, follow the escape route designation:

Our kitchen is open until 9pm. Click here for the menu.

You can have a drink in our restaurant from 11.30 am to +/- 11 pm. We have already put a bottle of cold water for you in the minibar, which is offered free of charge. Would you like something else in your minibar? Ask at reception or check out our hotel shop.

If you would like a gift voucher, please ask at reception.


Of course, we offer free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. And don’t forget to use #hoteldeschelde if you want to post something nice about your stay here at the coast.

For more information, see chapter: Wifi

Do you want to iron your clothes? Contact the reception and we will provide you with an ironing board and iron in your room.

The lobby is the heart of the hotel, an informal place where you can make contact with other guests. A place where you can relax, have a drink, read a newspaper or get information at our reception desk. Our staff will be happy to help you. Here you will also find our hotel shop with nice accessories and souvenirs.

You can contact the reception about lost or found objects. Hotel de Schelde is not liable for lost and/or damaged property.

If you like to discover the seaside resort Cadzand-Bad, nature reserve ‘t Zwin or other great places on the Zeeland coast, we have a map of the area to give you some ideas.

Hotel de Schelde has two meeting rooms available. Ask the reception staff for more information about the possibilities.

We have prepared for you a bottle of water Above the minibar. This is offered to you free of charge. If you would like something else in your minibar, ask our reception desk, the restaurant or check out our hotel shop.

For our guests in the apartments you do not have a minibar. Your apartment is of course equipped with an extensive kitchen.

You can pay with your debit card at almost all sales outlets. The following credit cards are also accepted: Euro/Mastercard and Visa card. You can also pay for your room at the online check-out with Apple Pay or Google Pay. The day before your departure we will send you an invitation by e-mail for the online check-out.

Use the privacy / do not disturb sign on the door handle and we will respect your privacy.

Would you like a different pillow from the one you have now on your bed?

Each room has two types of pillows.

We are happy to help you whenever you want. Feel free to meet us in the lobby, call us +31 117 39 17 20 or send us a WhatsApp message between 09.00 and 21.00. With your confirmation and at check-in we will send you an email with a contact link. Via this link you can also put your questions to reception.

Room service can be ordered through the reception or in the restaurant.

Room service costs €7,- per time.

For our guests in the apartments we do not offer room service. You are of course welcome in our restaurant.

A safe can be found in the hotel room. It works as follows:

To close the safe:

Close the door and enter a self-chosen code of 4 to 6 digits and press #.

To open the safe:

The chosen code to close the door is also the code to open it. For this code and press #.

The safe will now open.

Keep valuables in the safe in your hotel room.

In an emergency follow the escape route indication:

Do you need a needle and thread? Ask at our reception.

Hotel de Schelde is a non-smoking hotel. Lighting an (electric) cigarette or cigar is prohibited. Extra costs will be charged for deep cleaning of the hotel room.

Taking home souvenirs for loved ones is always a pleasure. You can find some in our hotel shop in the lobby.

Our indoor pool is at your disposal free of charge. Towels for hotel guests are provided and you can take a bathrobe from your hotel room. The wellness area with steam bath, sauna and bubble bath is also at your disposal. Swimwear required. 

The swimming pool is opened daily between 9:00 and 21:00.

Hotel de Schelde also thinks environmentally conscious, save water, hanging up towels is using them again. If you put your towels on the ground, you will of course get a new towel.

Towels are also available in the swimming pool.

If during your stay you come across an urgent technical fault in your room, you can report it to reception. If the technical problem does not have to be solved during your stay, we kindly ask you to report it to reception at a time of your choice.

You probably have your own smartphone. Use it if you want to get in touch with the reception desk for all your questions. This can be done easily by calling or Whatsapping to: +31117391720. With your confirmation and at check-in we will send you an email with a contact link. Through this link you can also ask your questions to the reception.

If you still want a phone from the hotel, you can ask for it at the reception. We will then be happy to help you.

Umbrellas are available in the lobby or in the closet if you need them.

If you would like a wake-up call in the morning, please contact one of our reception staff for a wake-up call. This is possible from 07.30 hours.

With our WhatsApp service, personal information and contact with the hotel is always available. You can reach us on the hotel’s telephone number: +31 117 39 17 20 between 09.00 and 21.00.

The entire hotel is equipped with free Wi-Fi, for which you do not need a password.

For our guests in the apartments do have a password: residencedeschelde. your Wi-Fi network is indicated by your own apartment number. For example, ‘Apartment 101’.