Your safety and that of our employees are our first priority.

Due to Covid-19, we have tightened our already strict health and safety procedures.

For example, we have invested heavily in a new climate system to ensure an optimal indoor climate and ventilation. The air in all public spaces and hotel rooms is constantly refreshed with outside air. It is purified by filters that trap particulate matter and bacteria before entering space.


  • We follow the general Covid-19 guidelines that apply to the Netherlands
  • All our staff are carefully monitored. Employees who have been in contact with someone who appears to be infected with Covid-19, or who themselves show symptoms of Covid-19, will not be admitted to our companies.
  • Disposable medical face masks are mandatory for all employees. If this is the rule according to the Dutch guidelines.
  • All our staff wash and/or disinfect their hands regularly.
  • There is an intensive cleaning and disinfection programme, with extra attention to surfaces and handles.
  • We respect the 1.5 metres distance from each other.


  • Optional contactless check-in and registration procedure prior to arrival at the hotel.
  • Optional contactless check-out on the day of departure.
  • Our preference is for debit or credit card payments.
  • Our payment terminals are regularly disinfected.


  • All hotel rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each departure.
  • During your stay we offer two options in terms of cleaning:
    › Daily cleaning.
    › No cleaning: Every morning we put clean towels and toiletries at your door on request.
  • All hotel information is available digitally.